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Project Description



Our Client

BaseClear provides high-quality genome analysis services offering a unique combination of state-of-the-art lab facilities and bioinformatics services.

Key Requirements

  • Scalability, from day one
  • Reliability (e.g. data redundancy, backups)
  • Data privacy and security

Key Results

  • BaseClear Genome Explorer can now be deployed entirely in the cloud
  • The various components are decoupled and allowed to scale independently based on demand, for maximal cost efficiency

  • All components can be deployed with various level of storage redundancy, and can be backed up quickly and safely
  • Performance shows no degradation with respect to the dedicated server


  • The project was preceded by a pilot phase, giving the customer opportunity to see real-hand the benefits and test the performance
  • Integrative project, from architecture to development, to deployment and support.
  • Entire existing infrastructure lifted to the cloud, from web application to the underlying database. Database and web application are allowed to scale independently for maximal cost efficiency
  • Architecture: scalability first, but performance was maintained at comparable levels with the dedicated server
  • Fully secure: all resources are fully encapsulated in a dedicated network, not accessible in the public cloud.
    Access via Point-to-site VPN, ensuring encrypted communication from on-premises resources to cloud resources
  • Data: Resilient, redundant storage to minimize data loss in case of hardware failure
    Backup: Possibility of backup, both hot (short term, easy access, more expensive) and cold (long-term, longer access times, cheaper)

Given the success of the BaseClear Genome Explorer and exponential growth of the related database, we have asked ENPICOM experts to advise us on a cloud-based strategy that would enable us to handle the expansion of the Genome Explorer platform in a controlled and cost-effective manner.

ENPICOM has dealt with this project in an excellent and absolutely professional manner, and the end result fully met our expectations.

We are very happy with the dedication of the ENPICOM team, fast replies and deadlines met!